City-County Health District
About Us

City-County Staff:

Theresa Will RN, BSN
Executive Director

Paula Thomsen RN, BSN
Home Health Care Coordinator
Foot Care
Asthma Education

Marcie Bata REHS/RS
Barnes County Environmental Health Practitioner

Laurel Thompson RN, BSN
Public Health

Immunization Program Manager
School Nursing

Julie Hoar RN, BSN
Public Health
Health Tracks
Home Health

Kristen Bear RN, BSN
Home Health
School Nursing

Foot Care

Julia Anderson RN, BSN
Jail Health Coordinator

Home Health

Sarah Hansen RN, BSN, SANE, Child Passenger Safety Technician
Public Health
Home Health
Family Planning

Tamara Langland, CNA
Home Health aide

Health Tracks

Cindy Wendel, CNA
Home Health aide


Grant Funded Staff:

Beth Viland
WIC Coordinator

Vicki Voldal Rosenau
Tobacoo Prevention Coordinator

Kasey Skalicky
Traffic Safety Coordinator

Administrative Staff:

Rebecca Kratz
Financial Analyst

Elizabeth "Betty"
Administrative Services Coordinator

Angie Martin
Office Manager

Teresa Garrahy
Financial Assistant

Mission Statement: "Healthy Lives and Healthy Lifestyles"

Vision Statement: "Adapting our agency, over time, to provide programs, services, and education to meet the changing needs of our community in one unified setting."

Value Statements:

  • We will show respect and compassion for a diverse population.
  • We will strive for excellence in quality and service.
  • We will provide afffordable and accessible service to clients while remaining fiscally responsible to all citizens of Barnes County.

Health Board Members:

  • Sharon Buhr, Chair
  • Cindy Schwehr
  • Dr. James Buhr, Secretary
  • George "Tom" Overn, Vice Chair
  • Dr. Madeline Luke

Barnes County Health Officer

  • Dr. James Buhr